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Relaxin' with Greg Jim and Roberta


   Pretty Boy's Corner

July 27 - July 30, 2009
We have some very good friends in Lansing, Kansas that put us up during our down time on the road. They have a beautiful house on an acre of property planted with trees and grass. Across the street is an old farm with cattle that makes for a very bucolic scene to look out upon in the mornings. We enjoyed our time here by walking, exercising, eating, visiting, and laughing. Greg and Roberta are very gracious hosts. They have two cats, Ozzie and Kizzy, who are the total center of attention in their household.

During our stay Laurie and I played some bass and guitar on one of Greg's songs. Greg is an excellent musician and song writer who has a project studio he calls the Zoom Room Band. His music can be found on the internet from Tune Corp, a digital download site. Just enter Zoom Room Band and check his music out. You won't be disappointed. I especially like the songs 'Marlena' and 'Can't Wait for the Day'.

We fixed my amp which was dead in the water at the last two engagements where we had to borrow a bass head. The problem was simple. The fuse was bad. It was not blown from over heating but, I think, it got shaken up enough to make a break in the wire inside the glass tubing. It was hard to see the break at the gig. Greg could see it after we arrived at his house. We had Don Warner, an electronic repairman, look at it who concurred, and after having put in a new fuse it worked like a charm. Thank you, Greg and Don. Next trip I'm bringing my volt/ohm meter and extra fuses.

On a sad note, Greg is a Kansas City Royal fan and these past few years have been pretty rough on him. The Royals have been anything but a stellar team. It's not a pretty sight watching and hearing Greg watch a Royals game. We got to watch several games together and his frustration and bitterness tend to consume his enjoyment of the great American pastime. He needs our prayers. Greg, we are praying for you ... and the Royals stop lollygagging.


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