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Frida's Mexican Grill in Wichita, KS


   Pretty Boy's Corner

July 26, 2009

The drive through the Rocky Mountains was indescribable but long, twelve hours. We live in a great country. We got to Frida's in the late afternoon, did a sound check and went back to the hotel to change and prepare for the performance.

Frida's is named after Frida Kahlo, a famous Mexican painter married to Diego Rivera and was known for her vibrantly colorful paintings. All over the restaurant are representations of her art. The food here was great! Yum. Mario, from Monterey, Mexico along with his wife, Mata, are working hard to make Frida's one of the best dinner night spots in Wichita. Thanks for your hospitality.

Don Bean with his crew, Ben and Charles, put on a first rate event for the blues fans in Wichita. They are planning many more blues events like this one as Wichita is in need of a blues scene having recently lost their only blues venue. The band sounded great. I still had to borrow an amp and Don did a great job of locating one. It was an SWR Mo' Better Bass amp head. I never heard of this one before. It had so many bells and whistles that it took most of the first set to get it dialed in. It had a midrange sound that I could not get rid of. Sean Kail, the owner of the amp, agreed that this head tended to have a compressed sound but like my folks use to say, "Beggars cannot be choosers." Sean is a great bass player from what I hear. I wish we had more time to visit and share ideas. Thanks Sean.

Also, thanks to Darl the soundman and his wife, Loli. I'd like to hear your group sometime. Thanks to all in Wichita. You rock.


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