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Fly Me to the Moon Saloon in Telluride, CO


   Pretty Boy's Corner

July 24, 2009

Telluride is beautiful. Mountains, rivers, and trees. So pristine. The club, however, is funksville. It is downstairs (always a challenge) and to get to the back of the stage you have to go down these rickety wooden stairs and then over these boards that have been laid down so you don't have to drag your stuff on dirt (Pictures to follow).

During the day this was not so bad but at night, after the performance, the area was very dark and dangerous. I'm glad no one in our group got hurt. To top it off my amp would not work. I turned on the Aguilar amp and it lit up momentarily but then went dead. We checked the power cable and fuse but nothing seemed to be wrong with them. I wish I had brought extra fuses or a spare amp. Luckily the sound guy, Ethan, had a back up Gallien Krueger bass amp that someone left at the club. It worked out fine. Whew.

Our hotel was only four blocks from the club, which made for an easy drive back to the rooms for some rest. We will need it as we have eleven hours of driving to do tomorrow to get to Hays, Kansas.


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