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LMB concert at Headfeathers


   Pretty Boy's Corner

June 28, 2009

The band played at a, get this, hair salon in Napa, Ca. The place is called Headfeathers. Catchy name for a hair salon I think. The owner is Rick who has been in the hair business for over thirty years. He loves music and has found a unique way to support the arts.

In the back of his salon is a cozy courtyard with a stage and lighting. He hires a sound man and brings in some top level talent. The courtyard seats about 50+ people which he sells out on a regular basis at $45 a ticket. This allows him to bring in the top level talent. Lisa Haley and the Zydecats and Leah Tisse are just a few of these artists.

Rick is a great guy and it didn't take long for Susan, my wife, to ask him about hair products and hair styles. The attendees bring their own food and beverages and sit back and enjoyed the band. This group loved to dance and the band got them on their feet for a lot of the evening. Laurie received two standing ovations for her solos and won them over immediately. Great gig. Thanks Rick.


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