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LMB concert at Jessie's Grove Winery


   Pretty Boy's Corner

June 27, 2009

The band played at a winery in Lodi, Ca. called Jessie's Grove Winery. It is a great place to play with an open air venue in a beautiful pastoral setting. The sound was great being handled by Preston who turned out to be a very capable sound man. Norman Shaw, the producer, was great in making sure the band was taken care of during the event.

The temperature during the performance was in the hundreds with the sun bearing down on the performers during the first 75 minute set. A complete and total sweatfest. This was the only drawback as the LMB was well received by the audience. Many felt the urge to get up and boogey and cut a sod of grass or two.

After the show the band retired to the winery, with the nice folks who own and work at the winery. The band was given a wine tasting tour of many fine wines that are made at the winery, and boy was there some tasting going on! The band had a great time and Jessie's Grove Winery is own fine place to hang out.


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